Bartow CASA Ava's program to help children in the court system. Check it out to learn, donate, or volunteer.

The Georgia Barbecue Classic Our local KCBS sanctioned Barbecue contest featuring professional and backyard barbecue enthusiasts from around the country, including Team Goat Roast.

Broken Radios Music from one of the all-time great Goat Roast bands now available online.

The Dining Room at Lake Arrowhead A great restaurant operated by good friends and long-time Goat Roast supporters.


The Goat Roast is an annual party hosted by the Lipscomb family with a lot of help from our friends. It's been going on since 1983 with no end in sight. We're developing this site, in part, to provide information on the Goat Roast for our friends. But there's more.

East Valley is in North Georgia on the east side of Pine Log Mountain. The people here seem to be more than commonly prone to get together for beer, barbecue, horshoe-pitching, music-making and other home-grown entertainments. There are several annual parties in addition to the Goat Roast, and any number of impromptu porch-pickings, horseshoe tournaments, and gatherings with no particular point other than to have fun. We'll make GoatRoast.com available to the organizers (if you call this organized) of these events for announcements and information.

We also include links to other sites of significance to our friends and us in Other Places.

Y'all come back soon

- Those people that have the Goat Roast