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Goat Roast 2006: The Goat Bowl

Live at the Goat Bowl.

Goat Roast 2006: Smoky


Goat Roast 2005: Josh rocks out


Goat Roast 2005: Cook crew


Goat Roast 2006: Guitar Pickers


Goat Roast 2005: Stacy and Hunter


Feelin' faded

Feelin' faded.

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The Goat Roast Experience

We have some new pictures, some from this year's Goat Roast, and a few from earlier years that have been emailed to me since we inaugurated the website. Check out the complete collection. Thanks to everyone who sent me material, especially Gerard who assumed the role of official Goat Roast photographer this year.

Most of the tunes here were recorded live at the Goat Roast in 1999. Thanks to Kent for the audio engineering. A couple of the Steve Casey cuts were provided by the man, himself. Thanks Steve.

Original material included here may be subject to copyright by the authors.

Black Panties

Gotta start with this. Do it Abernathy...

L.A. Freeway

Steve and Jerry escape from L.A.

The Girl from Ipenema

Performed by Adrianna, who is a girl from Ipenema. Or near there anyway.

Wild World

Kent, the piano man.

No Woman No Cry

Adrianna and Kent go reggae.


Casey at the Roast. Kinda has a ring to it, huh?

Ember Glow

And the mellow side.


Casey is famous for "Falling."

Red House Over Yonder

Andy Abernathy does what he does best, with a tip of the hat to Chuck, the bass man that never stops.

Andy and the Leprechaun

Abernathy has a run-in with a leprechaun.