Scenes from the Goat Roast

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Before the storm Gowan, Andy, and Bobby Barbecue professionals Barbecue and roses Johnny Mitchell, chicken inspector
Food groupies The deck Gowan and friends Gerard and Jill Jill and friends
Jim and Alvin Keith, Beth, and Jeff On the lawn On the lawn Mark and friends
More folks Rear view The deck Oh, say can you see... Smokin
Who are all of these people Stacey and Gerran Father and child Pucker up Let's Eat
Schmoozing Papparazza Papparazzo Kent and Hugh Redheads
Mitch and Mitch Kent Tony and Kent Terry Mitchell Band
Campers Campers The storyteller Three guys Three folks
That wasn't right Wrestlers Helen and Larry The divas Yikes
Randall and Marianne Hank Shiloh Obie How's he do that?
Randall Mullinax and the Groove Shakers Randall Mullinax The Groove Shakers Steve and Jerry Whole lotta shakin goin on
Dancers Listen while I play... Twist and Shout Keith and Marianne
Kids dancing We're impressed
The stage protector

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