Scenes from the Goat Roast

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Heating up the barbecue Goat cuts for barbecue Rib and loin sections tied for grilling Rib and loin sections with peppercorn praline rub Peppercorn praline crusted rack of goat
Barbecued goat Act one Alex and fiance Andy and Terry Beck
Billy and Tina Tony and Hal Commander in Chef Gowan
Hal and Jill Hal Jill Hand on Butt Jacob
Party down Sound men I can't hear you Father and Son Caleb
Caleb Terry Kent Tony and Kent Winchlings
Folks The Crowd The Crowd The Horde Terry and Micky
Tom and Janet Kent and Amy Kent and Mark Keith and friends The Goat Bowl
Roger flirting Kolorful Kevin Rex et al. Tree house Night life
On the deck Bass man Groove Shakers Groovin unspecified image Spectral Josh
Goat Roast sign

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